NEW DELHI : Over 96 crore people, including 47 crore women, are eligible to cast vote in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, for which more than 12 lakh polling booths would be set up across India.

Over 1.73 crore of those eligible to vote are in the age group of 18 to 19 years, according to Election Commission data.

As many as 1.5 crore polling personnel will be deployed to ensure smooth conduct of the parliamentary elections to elect members of the 18th Lok Sabha.

According to a 2023 letter sent by the EC to political parties, India had 17.32 crore registered voters in 1951, which rose to 19.37 crore in 1957.

There were 91.20 crore voters in the 2019 polls.

Out of the total voters registered in the electoral rolls, nearly 18 lakh are persons with disabilities.

In the first Lok Sabha elections the voter turnout was recorded at 45 per cent. It was 67 per cent in the last parliamentary polls.(THE HINDU)

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