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Kupwara, Jun 10: (GNS) In one of a bizzare incident of its kind, a huge swarm of insects have infested a residential house, here in Kalaroos area of the district.

Reports reaching GNS said that a huge swarm of insects has infested a house at Tanch Mohalla in Kanipora of Kalaroos, lying at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the district headquarters.

Mohammad Ishfaq Tancha while talking to GNS said that on yesterday in pre dawn hours, a huge swarm of insects of the size of millipede, heading from all sides towards the house was spotted in the courtyard, adding “soon after we evacuated the house of all necessary belongings to ran for our safety.”

“Upon informing the concerned ward member of it who upon consultation with officials of local medical centre, provided us with some insecticide, he said adding “On application of the insecticide, they (insects) disappear in the day time but resurface soon after the fall of evening hours.”

“These insects remain there till morning and then disappear again only to visit us in the evening”, Ishfaq said adding “though they (insects) have caused no physical harm but the smell emanating from them is highly pungent.”

“Our’s is the only house here on this side of the area with the other houses as far as half a kilometer from here”, Ishfaq said.

When contacted BMO Kalaroos Mohammad Ramzan, told GNS that the insects are not harmful to humans in any way, adding “the house lies close to the forest area which may be the probable cause of their appearance on the spot.”

“We are assessing the situation in our capacity but impress upon other allied departments including Horticulture, Agriculture, Sheep and Animal Husbandry and Forest department to see into it”, the official said.

Meanwhile, the insects have struck fear in the locals, with many already evacuating the houses to move towards safer places away from the affected area, reports added. (GNS)

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